BMC Asks For 50 Private Doctors To Join Govt-Run Hospitals, 250 Sign Up Within An Hour

India has a dearth of doctors, which is a problem when a global medical crisis like the coronavirus occurs. According to an earlier report by Economic Times, there is 1 doctor for every 10,189 citizens of the country.

Which is why Mumbai is currently experiencing a shortage of doctors in its government hospitals and those on duty are burning out after being on duty for 10-12 hours. Some even are surviving on just biscuits and water, reports TOI.

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Hence, the BMC requested the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for 50 private doctors who could join 5 civic-run hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. Surprisingly, 250 doctors signed up within an hour of the IMA circulating the message, reports Mumbai Mirror.

The 250 doctors include Pulmonologists, Physicians, Anaesthetics, Radiologists, and even Gynaecologists.

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All those who signed up are some of the city’s top private doctors with a 7-figure salary. They have all given it up for a month to battle the coronavirus.

Among them, 115 doctors are currently undergoing training and are to be deputed in the 5 civic-run hospitals. The BMC is to add 15 more hospitals in a week specifically to treat COVID-19 patients.

All the doctors will receive an honorarium of Rs 80,000 each.

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The joining of the private doctors will give the government doctors a much-needed respite. Kudos to all 250 of them for putting their duty ahead of themselves!