Brazilian Protester Accidentally Knocks Cops Hat Off, Cop Shoots Him In Head

If you’ve not yet heard of the practices of Brazil’s police yet, well, hold onto your hats.

This video clearly shows an officer opening fire on a peaceful protestor, all for accidentally knocking his hat off. The incident occurred last Thursday and the officer has since been suspended pending an investigation.

It all began when an activist group known as the Occupy Estelita Movement had gotten together to protest a massive real estate development project on the José Estelita Pier. They would have liked the area in question to be turned into a public park for all to enjoy, and that was their message.

Of the banners the group had displayed, the largest took multiple people to carry and tended to be a little bulky when trying to navigate around obstacles. One Brazilian officer decided to be one of those obstacles, obstinately remaining still and forcing the protestors to try and get this massive sign over him. In doing so, the bottom of the sign accidentally takes the policeman’s hat with it, and there goes the neighborhood. Almost immediately after, the officer opened fire on a member of the group with rubber bullets (used primarily for anti-riot purposes).
At that close of range the bullets can be deadly, as I’m sure the officer was well aware. Regardless, he chose his actions and is now suffering the consequences, at least that’s what I believe. What about you?