Brokenhearted Teen Discovered Her Boyfriend Is Married And Had A Child, THIS Is What She Did!

What is it with heartbreak and jumping off a building? Numerous accounts of attempted suicide due to failed relationships have been featured here, and yet another teenager tried to kill herself by falling off a building after she discovered that her boyfriend had a wife and a 10-year-old child.

The unidentified 19-year-old girl from China climbed to a ledge on the 3rd floor through a window of her apartment building in Hangzhou and threatened to jump.


She told bystanders that she was going to jump. Several firefighters rushed to the scene and tried to stop her.


Despite their efforts, the young woman was determined to end her life and jumped.


Fortunately the firefighters quickly set up a giant air cushion and the woman landed safely and unhurt.


It is unclear whether the brokenhearted teen intended to land on the cushion or if she really wanted to plunge to her death.

teenage-jumper-6The air cushion measures approximately 6 metres by 7.5 metres in length and 2.75 metres in height. It is capable of absorbing the shock of a body falling from up to 10 floors. An average of 17 incidents a month in China have been reported to require air cushions from June 2005-May 2012. The life-saving device can be inflated within a minute. The woman could have died if not for the firefighters’ quick thinking and this emergency device.