Buildings In China Light Up With Pictures Of Medics Who Fought Coronavirus, Watch Videos

The novel coronavirus that is wreaking havoc on the entire world originated in China. Hundreds of health workers from all over China were sent to Wuhan, the first epicenter of COVID-19 to aid several thousand patients hit by the deadly virus.

Wuhan was under lockdown for weeks to contain the spread of the virus to other parts of the country and with the remarkable contribution of the medics it ultimately emerged successful.

Since the past few days, no new case of coronavirus has been reported in Wuhan. In fact, life is slowly getting back to normal in China. In order to thank the health workers, who risked their lives to help and fight the deadly virus, Chinese citizens lit up their buildings with pictures of medics who were appointed in Wuhan, reports News 18.

Pictures and videos of it are going viral on social media. Have a look:

The incident has been reported in Fuzhou where around 200 medics were deployed in 16 hospitals of Wuhan to cure coronavirus patients. The residents of Fuzhou planned a grand welcome for their heroes and projected their pictures on the buildings throughout the city.

Hoardings and banners with the photos of doctors and nurses were put across the city to thank them for their selfless gesture. CGTN reports that around 50,000 giant outdoor screens and LED were set up to display pictures of the medics with ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ messages to celebrate their homecoming in Central China.

Apart from Fuzhou, cities like Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Nanchang are also doing their bit in paying tribute to their healthcare workers.

These heroes truly deserve all the respect and gratitude. Kudos to y’all!