Dad Builds A ‘Baby Safety Pod’ With Air Purification System To Protect His Son From COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic that is said to have originated from Mainland China has forced people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Washing hands frequently, sanitising the surroundings and staying fit and healthy is now an important aspect of everyone’s life. Hence, to keep his baby protected from COVID-19, this Chinese man developed a ‘baby safety pod’.

Cao Junjie, 30, father of a two-month-old infant from Shanghai, refurbished a transparent cat carrier backpack to make the pod for his baby, reports New York Post. It also has a nursing entry with rubber gloves attached to the sealed cabin.

The custom-built sealable pod is equipped with an air purification system and also includes an air-quality monitor displaying the amount of carbon dioxide inside it, reported The Economic Times.

Cao who’s spent weeks building the pod says, “Because of the epidemic, I spent a month making this baby safety pod for my kid. It can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby.” He also said that he’s already gotten requests from other parents to make a similar device for their kids.

His wife, Fang Lulu, was initially not sure how comfortable the baby would be inside the pod. However, after using it a couple of times, she’s now satisfied. “At this moment, he’s too small so he can’t wear a mask. And the mask can affect his breathing so it’s dangerous. I think the baby pod Cao made is pretty safe. We have tried it several times, so I feel relieved,” Fang said.

Watch the full video here:

Cao also said that he’s working on designs that can accommodate children of all ages. This is indeed a great invention at times like these. What do you think of this? Tell us.