Delhi Air Quality Improves Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Desi Twitter Reacts

The national capital, Delhi is known for numerous things, it’s poor air quality surely being one of them. After all, Delhi ranked no.1 in the world in terms of air pollution. A lot has been done by its CM Arvind Kejriwal to curb pollution in the city for the past decade. I hope you remember the odd-even rule!

But hardly anything has worked the way the coronavirus lockdown has to minimize the pollution levels in the city. Recent reports show Delhi under ‘yellow zone’ of Air Quality Index’ (AQI) which is quite a rare sight. Delhi’s AQI which has earlier crossed even 300, has dropped to 50’s and 60’s. Have a look:

The news has come as the silver lining to the pandemic for Desi Twitter, at least they have something to celebrate in the midst of pandemic stress.

While we are happy to see the positive changes in the environment due to lockdown, we wish the pandemic is banished soon.