Desi Mom Praises Son’s ‘Parantha’ But Moms Being Moms, She Notices A Stale Banana Too

A mother’s love is the most unconditional form of love. From feeding us to being our ultimate support system, a mother always takes care of us. And while moms truly love us, there is nothing that escapes a mother’s eye.

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Like, this desi mother who first complimented her son’s cooking skills but pointed out some other problem in the kitchen. Akshar Pathak had asked his mother to rate his gobi paratha, reports Hindustan Times. And, while he managed to impress his mom with his culinary skills, his mother noticed some other flaw in his kitchen.

Have a look at his tweet:

Filled with motherly love, she gave him an 11 on 10 for the paratha but promptly asked him about the stale banana in the background. Well, we all know nothing goes unnoticed by mom.

Many people pointed out how you can never escape a mother’s eye:

Others related to the post and suggested he better eat the banana before they go bad:

Few people could also relate to the missed calls by his mother:

His mother noticed every little detail in the picture. Well, it seems like every desi mom ever, doesn’t it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.