Do You Only Use Toothpaste To Brush Your Teeth? I NEVER Imagined That It Could Do THIS… Incredible!

The last time I visited my dentist, he reminded me that I should be brushing my teeth at least twice a day and he encouraged me to aim for a third. So you know what I did? I asked him: “do you only use toothpaste to brush your teeth? Because I never imagined that it could do THIS!” At which point, I proceeded to take him on a guided tour of 19 incredible toothpaste hacks, ranging from cleaning his car headlights, to removing the foul odour of skunk spray. My dentist was so impressed that he even gave me a free toothbrush. And you’re going to be impressed as well, because I’m about to take you on that very same journey of toothpaste tricks glory. Next time you buy some toothpaste, I suggest you pick up the jumbo size.

1. Bring the shine back to your old silverware!


2. Headlights on your car getting hazy? Rub some toothpaste on it in small circles using a microfiber cloth!


3. Kids painted on the walls again? AAAAARGH! Oh wait, some toothpaste will fix things!


4. Piano keys seen better days? Clean them up with some toothpaste!


5. Rubber sneakers not looking their freshest? Yep… clean it with toothpaste!


6. Goggles need cleaning? This looks like a job for… Superman! (and by Superman I mean toothpaste)


7. Toothpaste will help get rid of watermarks on your wood surfaces. Too bad it can’t get rid of the jerks who won’t use coasters. Or will it? Hmmmm…


8. Ink stains on leather surfaces? Gently scrub it with some cotton and toothpaste.


9. Did you or your furry friend get sprayed by a skunk? Neutralize the smell with some toothpaste! It apparently works better than tomato juice.


10. Prevent dye from getting on your ears with Vaseline and some toothpaste!


11. Itchy mosquito bites? Toothpaste can help provide some relief to that itching!


12. Acne? Try applying a bit of toothpaste overnight!


13. Lime on your iron’s plate? Make sure it doesn’t get transferred onto your clothes by removing the stains with toothpaste!


14. Small scratches on your mobile phone? Toothpaste can help polish them out!


15. Scuffs on your leather shoes or bag? Some toothpaste will help bring back its shine!


16. Stains on your carpet? Yep… toothpaste it!


17. Keep your nails shiny and clean with some toothpaste!


18. Fingers smell like garlic or onions? Wash your hands with toothpaste.


19. Does your bottle have an odour that won’t go away? Try scrubbing it with some toothpaste!