Doctor Dies Of Coronavirus After Treating COVID-19 Patients Without Gloves Due To Shortage

Italy is under lockdown following the severe outbreak of coronavirus. Apart from facing a shortage of basic supplies like toilet paper and diapers, the country is also falling short in the supplies of masks and gloves, which are critical tools in a COVID-19 hit nation like Italy.

The shortage is so bad that even doctors and other medical workers who are spending their days and nights treating several coronavirus patients can hardly lay their hands on a pair of gloves. And same happened with Marcello Natali, who was working in Codogno, a suburb of Milan and one of the worst-hit areas in the country, reports Washington Post.

Natali continued to serve the patients even after the hospital ran out of the basic supplies of gloves. He eventually contracted coronavirus and sadly passed away recently, reports NY Post.

He spoke about the shortage of gloves in an interview a few days back and said, “We certainly weren’t prepared to face such a situation. Especially those of our generation, that of the post-antibiotic era, who grew up thinking that a pill against the disease was enough.”

While Natali’s colleagues said that the situation has only worsened for the doctors ever since he revealed the shortage and contracted coronavirus last month. “The situation has not gotten better since end of February. We received some masks, some gloves kit, nothing else,” said Paola Pedrini, a regional secretary with Italy’s general practitioners’ federation. “A mask that should last half a day, here lasts a week,” she added.

By far, 16 doctors in Italy have died after catching an infection while treating the patients without gloves or masks, reports Washington Post.

We can only pray and hope that the situation improves soon. Our prayers are with all those who suffer around the world due to the deadly virus outbreak.