Doctor Says He Fears COVID-19, Tweets What His Day In The ER Looks Like

Although COVID-19 has impacted people all around the globe, it’s the healthcare sector that has been having the most difficult time. Doctors, nurses, and other medical workers are spending every waking hour at the hospital treating patients and even losing their lives in the process.

And, while we know the gist of the situation, we don’t really know what healthcare workers are really going through on a daily basis. According to the Washington Post, an emergency room doctor from New York has elaborated on how a day looks like in the hospital amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Craig Spencer, who shared his routine, is the director of global health in Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, reports India Today. He had previously treated and survived Ebola. Have a look at his gut-wrenching post.

The New York-based doctor initially shared the overwhelming rise in Coronavirus patients in a week: 

He updated people that he spent 13 hours in the emergency room (ER) as a majority of his patients tested positive for the deadly virus:

And, as several people asked him what a day in the ER looks like amid the pandemic, he decided to share the details with everyone. He began by saying how he wakes up at 6:30 to prepare coffee for the entire day as he works long shifts:

He goes on to say, how the streets are all quiet but when he reaches the hospital reality sinks in. The first thing he does is wear a mask:

He then relieves the previous team, who updates him about their concerns for ailing patients:

The medical professional assesses the situation and then informs the patient’s family of the dire situation:

However, before he can even register the sad news, another sick patient comes in who has to be put on a ventilator as well. And, all this happened early in the morning:

The rest of the day is no different as he continues to treat extremely sick patients:

He mentions how the day goes by without drinking much water, as he is afraid to remove his mask. His protection gear against the deadly virus:

He says how he hurriedly has a late lunch after taking precautionary measures:

He goes on to say how every patient is a COVID-19 patient for healthcare workers as they always wear the protective gear to be safe:

When his shift ends, he too informs fellow doctors about his concerns for patients and also for the lack of proper safety gear and ventilators:

And as doctors can’t afford to be negligent, he sanitizes everything from his phone to his bag:

After the long shift, when he removes his mask he feels naked and exposed. He walks home to destress as the quiet streets are unlike the chaotic hospitals:

After reaching home, he resists his urge to hug his daughter as safety first. He takes a bath and then spends some quality time with his family:

He then reflects on the day and realizes how terrible the situation is:

The doctor voices his concern about how more people might be infected with coronavirus:

He then emphasizes the importance of self-isolation. He says social distancing is the only way we can slow the spread of the virus:

The Ebola survivor says he fears COVID-19. He urges people to stay indoors as he promises to fight the deadly virus for our safety:

We shouldn’t let medical, transport & delivery workers’ sacrifices and hard work go to waste. Please stay indoors to help fight Coronavirus.