Dolphins Spotted Off Mumbai Shores As The City Stood Still During Janta Curfew, Watch Videos

Defying the fact that ‘Mumbai is a city that never stops’, the coronavirus has brought it to a halt. People are staying indoors, there are just a few vehicles on the streets, minimal local trains on the track, many industries and factories have temporarily stopped their production to contain the spread of novel coronavirus.

This has led to a dramatic fall in the pollution levels in the city suddenly. In fact, Mumbaikars were recently very ecstatic to see a cover of clear blue skies over the city. Many pictures of pollution-free Mumbai also flooded social media.

Just a couple of days later, Mumbai came to an almost complete halt for a day following the ‘Janta Curfew’ as suggested by PM Narendra Modi. Apart from the desolate tourist and local attractions in the city what caught people’s attention was dolphins in the Arabian sea, reports News 18.

Juhi Chawla and other Twitter users shared the video of dolphins skimming the waters off Mumbai as the shores took a break from crowds of humans. Have a look:

A few days back, pictures and videos of dolphins and swans returning to Italy following the national lockdown went viral on social media.

It seems like, the planet is taking a break from humans in order to let other species have their space and thrive.