FDA Confiscates Several Thousand Chickens From KFC Farms As Mutations Worsen


KFC’s largest chicken supplier in Springdale, Arkansas was reportedly raided by the FDA on Monday due to suspicions of mass mutations taking place in their chickens. It has been no secret that KFC plumps up their chickens with the use of steroids and hormones in order to create a bigger yield to supply their restaurants around the world. However, the accusations of mutated chickens has been streaming across the Internet for years commonly referred to as a “conspiracy theory.”

Now, with the FDA raid, those accusations are no longer “theories,” but proven fact. In the photos just released, you can see just how “mutated” these chickens have become due to their scientific experiments. Experiments that they were hoping would yield them twice the chicken legs for half the price. Getting four legs per chicken, was estimated to bring them an additional $12.5 million in annual revenue. But now, KFC is looking at fines half that amount. If convicted, they can face fines of $7 million, restaurant closures, and possible lawsuits from people whose health may have been affected.

The photos below are truly shocking:



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