Guess What Happens To Your Insides When You Wear “Waist Training Corsets”

Anybody who has seen pictures of Khloe Kardashian can tell how much she must swear by her waist trainer. Even Jessica Alba’s mom wore a body shaper after her pregnancy to help lose weight put on by her baby. The “good people” at Waist Gang Society claim waist trainers “attacks unwanted fat and impurities” as they strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture.


So why the big craze about Waist training now, why should you go out and spend your money on one? Even back in the 1500’s women wore corsets. It’s been the same objective all along and is still to this day, slim down the waist and make the hips pop. Now you got all these Waist training web sites that swear their product is the way to a smaller waist. Most can be found for around 200 bucks but see this is what your paying for…


Now this is what happens inside of your body when you wear a waist trainer. First of all they do NOT permanently remove inches from your waist, and they most likely have harmful side effects. Don’t be fooled as soon as you remove the corset your body is going to return to its natural shape. But see that’s not even the worst part…


According to Dr. Minkin from Yale School of Medicine body shapers are totally unsafe. Why would somebody think that squeezing their waist tightly would somehow make it smaller? So ladies understand as soon as you take that garment off, your body returns to its normal shape. These things are also extremely uncomfortable, they restrict your movements, if wore to tight can make it hard to breathe or even cause rib damage.


These things are also loaded with side effects, like wearing a waist trainer can also increase your body’s temperature, put you at risk for dehydration, and make it hard to breathe. Ok, yeah corsets can help you improve your posture, but you could get even further just hitting the gym and strengthening your core or back muscles. The waist trainer restricts the muscles that actually define your waist. So if you ask me these things are a waste of time, money and totally counterproductive.


So if your still not convinced and willing to risk your well being for a coke bottle frame just remember this. You seen this story on and should have known better!


So here is a low risk alternative to the waist trainer, wear a corset or maybe even Spanx underneath your clothes if you really feel desperate for some bodily help. Waist trainers won’t help you get a smaller waist but eating healthy and working out are sure too!