Guy Pretends To Be Cheating On His Girlfriend With Three Women–Until She Pulls a Gun on Them!

A guy decides to prank his girlfriend by pretending to cheat on her with three other girls, but things go wrong when she whips out a gun.
After coming home from a long day, a girl is appalled to see her boyfriend in bed with three scantily clad women. Nobody like a cheater. The girl takes matters into her own hands and decides it would be a good idea to eliminate the other girls.
As she is on her way back with the gun, she notices a hidden camera. Now realizing that the whole thing is a prank she decides it would be a good time to teach her boyfriend a lesson. Don’t mess with this girl.
However let’s be honest here, people have speculated that this is staged. What do you think? Real or fake? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE this with your Facebook friends!