Guy Uses A Drone To Send Toilet Paper To Friend, Twitter Calls It ‘Real Friendship’


The coronavirus has got billions of people stuck indoors. However, before the lockdown, we saw how people panic hoarded household items from stores leaving almost nothing for others! This has resulted in many running out essential items by the day.

Which is why, when this San Francisco man’s friend ran out of toilet paper, he decided to use a drone to deliver a roll to him, because delivery services have shut down due to the lockdown, reports Business Insider. Have a look at the video here:

Many on the internet are amazed by how the coronavirus lockdown has got people coming up with creative ways to resolve a crisis. Some have been calling it a futuristic approach!


It is fun to see how after windows, drones have become a man’s best friend! Recently, we saw how a guy used a drone to send a neighbouring girl his phone number.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!