Guy Uses Drone To Give Neighbouring Girl His Phone Number During Lockdown, Watch Video

Has anyone else’s dating life gone for a toss with the coronavirus and our desperate need to practice social-distancing? Yes, mine too.

With most of the world going under complete lockdown, going out on dates and socializing is out of the question. But what if ‘The One’ is somewhere out there and you have just a day to ask them out before destiny takes a u-turn?

Maybe that is what this guy thought before making a move on a girl next door while he was on self-quarantine! According to a report by India Today, a guy used a drone to give a neighbouring girl (and a prospective date) his phone number.

In a video that has been going viral on the internet, the guy spots the girl dancing on her rooftop from his balcony. He says ‘Hi’ to the girl and she waves back. He then decides to write his phone number down on a piece of paper and stick it on a drone. He then flies the drone to the girl to give her his number. And guess what, he gets a text from her later!

Have a look at the video here:

People on the internet are gushing over this video. After all, this is the kind of story one only gets to watch in movies!

Dear guys, take note! This is how you win a heart!