Guy Uses Drone To Send Whiskey To Neighbours Amid Lockdown; Watch Video

Drones have become man’s new best friend amid the coronavirus lockdown. Remember when a guy used a drone to walk his dog or a friend delivered toilet paper to his buddy or a man sent his number to a girl using the drone? Well, the flying machine has come in handy for many people staying indoors.

Recently, a guy in Australia was missing his mates while self-isolating. So, he sent some whisky over to his neighbour using a drone to chill with them virtually.

Have a look at the entire video:

In the video, the man can be seen sharing two glasses of Johnnie Walker with his neighbours while maintaining the social distancing protocol.

Many people admired the man’s creative idea to share a peg with his buddies:

Others were also concerned that the bottle or glasses could be a potential carrier of the virus:

Well, don’t we all miss hanging out with our friends? We just hope the virus is contained soon so that the world can go back to normal.