‘Hangry’ Man Asks For 4 Samosas On COVID-19 Helpline, Gets Them With A Task To Clean Drains

The state and central governments have issued coronavirus helpline numbers to provide all kinds of assistance to people practising home quarantine. Citizens can dial the given number and request for food, medicines or any kind of help during the lockdown.

The Uttar Pradesh government also handles a lot of queries daily, but yesterday, they had to handle a ‘snacky’ emergency. The district magistrate (DM) office of UP’s Rampur district received a call from a person from Rampur’s Swar tehsil requesting them to deliver four samosas and chutney to his house, reports TOI.

DM Aunjaneya Kumar Singh in a tweet from his official handle said that the person had harassed the control room by repeatedly making the unnecessary demand.

Hence, they had to send the samosas. However, the hot samosas were accompanied by a punishment, obviously for harassing the officials and wasting their time. The man was told to clean the nearby drain as his punishment.

Earlier, a caller urged them to deliver pizza to his place. An official said:

“We are receiving several calls on our helpline number in which people are asking for pizzas and samosas. So, now we have started publicly shaming such people to discourage others who are making fun of this pandemic.”

People have also sent TikTok videos on their WhatsApp helpline number, mocking the provisions. Hence, the authorities decided to teach these pranksters a lesson by making them clean areas in the vicinity.

The DM also said that people who don’t fall in the BPL category (eligible for free food) are also calling the control room and requesting them to provide them with free cooked food and ration. Annoyed by their irresponsible behaviour, the authorities started shaming them online by sharing their pictures with the faces blacked out to protect their privacy. The DM urged people to not test the patience of the administration.

He further said that if people continue to make such requests and waste their time, they’ll start showing their faces too.

Such instances only point out how serious we are during this time of crisis. The helpline numbers are set up to help us, not cater to our useless demands and waste the authority’s time. Let’s not misuse these facilities, rather support them in handling the situation with ease.