He Cuts Spoons And Glues To A Water Bottle. I Thought It Was Tacky – Until I Saw Result

You can do so many cool and creative projects using recycled materials.

 Plastic bottles are notorious for creating waste, yet are also ideal for recycling and also reusing in creative ways. Check out these amazing ideas for upcycling plastic bottles.

plastic bottle1
Using painted plastic bottles and string, an amazing looking parking canopy is created! Parking is just one idea where a plastic bottle canopy could be put to use.

plastic bottle2
You can make very cool modern looking lamp shades using both plastic bottles and other plastics leftover from parties!

plastic bottle3

plastic bottle4
Seriously? Yes, indeed you can create your own hanging herb garden simply from plastic bottles! No excuses that you don’t have anywhere to grow food!

plastic bottle5
You can also provide your local birds with some feed by creating plastic bottle bird feeders!

plastic bottle6
This amazing sculpture mural was created entirely from plastic bottle caps washed up by the sea during Hurricane Sandy.

plastic bottle7
plastic bottle19.
More artistic uses for bottle caps! This woman used 30,000 to create this design on the side of her house.
plastic bottle8
Bands, earrings, and bracelets, oh my! What a marvelous jewelry stand.
plastic bottle9

plastic bottle10
If you are looking to bring flowers indoors, this vase will hold them in style.

plastic bottle11
Light up your life with a decorative curtain, chandelier or lamp shade.
plastic bottle12

plastic bottle13
It takes about 25 bottles and a base, but you will have an incredibly looking bouquet lamp shade in no time using heat proof glue.
plastic bottle14
The bottoms of bottles are ideal for creating a stunning looking chandelier!

plastic bottle15
For those of you with a flair for painting, these cute animal planters are sure to make you smile.
plastic bottle16
plastic bottle17
If you’re more inclined to favor felines, transforming these planters is easy if you switch up the ears and add a few whiskers.
plastic bottle18

Reducing, reusing, and recycling never looked so good with cool ideas like these.  In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”