He Looked After Her For 22 Years. But When He Says His Final Goodbye? I Can’t Stop Crying…

Get a box of tissues ready because this is a truly incredible story that weighs heavy on the heart. Urban Elephant is an award-winning film about an elephant named Shirley and her keeper, Solomon. Shirley had spent a good part of her life in a circus, enduring horrible conditions. From there, she spent over 20 years of her life at a Louisiana zoo without the companionship of other elephants. During that time, Solomon took care of Shirley and they developed a very close bond. But deep down, Solomon knew that Shirley still longed to be free with other elephants. In 2003, the zoo agreed to release Shirley to The Elephant Sanctuary, a massive paradise for elephants. Incredible news but that also meant Shirley and Solomon would have to say goodbye… a truly bittersweet moment. Make sure you watch the entire video, as Shirley also gets an unexpected reunion with an elephant she knew from her past. Her reaction is sure to warm your heart!

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