He Puts Vinegar And Alcohol Inside His Ear For 60 Seconds. The Result? This Is AMAZING!

When people think of earwax, they tend to think of it as a sort of “dirt” that needs to be removed. But in actuality, earwax plays an important part in protecting the inner parts of your ears from actual dirt, dust, bacteria, and other things that you definitely want to keep out. Our body normally manages to get rid of any excess earwax on its own but when that doesn’t happen, we end up with blockages. So how do we clean this? A lot of people will use a Q-tip, which could push the wax further into the ear canal, making the situation worse. So what we have here is some sound medical advice from Dr. David Hill. As it turns out, a mixture of equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol can go a long way in loosening up stubborn earwax.

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