How To Trigger SOS On Your Iphone In Case Of Emergency

Technology came into our lives to make it easier and make us stay connected to the ones we love and care. But what would happen if you are stuck in that corner of the world where no loved one can help you or reach you. You will definitely need to contact the emergency numbers which is different in different countries and not at all easy to remember all of them.

If you are an iPhone user then I have a piece of good news for you. Do you know that your iPhone has a feature which helps you connect to your nearest emergency contacts in case you have one? It is called emergency SOS and it is very easy to trigger.

How to activate the SOS feature in your iPhone 8 and newer:

1. Press the Side Button on your mobile and either of the Volume Buttons simultaneously.

2. Continue to do so for a few seconds until the SOS emergency countdown begins.

3. Swipe right on the Emergency SOS switch and activate the call immediately.

Your phone will automatically call the emergency services near you.

How to activate the SOS feature in your iPhone 7 and older:

1. Press the side top button rapidly five times. In India, you only require to press the button three times.

2. Drag the Emergency SOS slider appeared on the screen in order to call emergency services.

Right after the call is disconnected your iPhone sends your Emergency contacts a text message with your current location unless you cancel it. If your location service is off, your iPhone automatically turns it on temporarily. In case you change your location, your contacts will get an update.

It is surprising to know how much technology can do and saves you from shouting for help and letting others know that you are in trouble.