Internet Lauds 73-YO Doctor For Risking His Life To Treat Coronavirus Patients


COVID-19 has taken over the world with

And amidst all this chaos, this picture of a physician proves that the medics are no less than soldiers, fighting day and night in the battlefield to reduce casualties, reported News18. When this Twitter user named Kristin Fisher asked her 73-year-old father (who is an emergency room physician) how he was doing, he sent her his picture.

In the pic, he was seen standing in the middle of a hospital wearing a face mask and gloves. Kristin then posted his picture on Twitter saying that she burst into tears the second she saw it.

In a corresponding tweet, she said that this was the moment when the gravity of what’s happening around us finally hit her.

People online were overwhelmed on seeing the doctor and thanked him and others in his profession for their dedication.

Others also highlighted how their family members, also health care professionals, have been risking their lives to treat others.

There is a reason why doctors are considered next to God. They are the only ones who can save our life. We request everyone to be patient and trust a doctor’s opinion. Our team salutes these unsung heroes!