Internet Safety with AdGuard

What is AdGuard?

If you’re wondering what people hate the most when going online, the answer is simple: ads. This is because this type of advertising became so intrusive and is almost everywhere. For example, let’s say you watch your favorite video on YouTube. In that case, you will probably see a random banner about a particular bank.

If you do your shopping online, you will have the pleasure’ of reading a random ad about some product you are not interested in; even when reading the news or playing your favorite game, you are the perfect target for these ads. It feels like an invasion of privacy, and nobody wants to feel unsafe while browsing online.

Moreover, some ads can contain malware, putting your device at risk, and it is the last thing you want. Ads can be useful only if they are engaging or friendly. But probably you are not reading this review to find out more about ads nor why they are still everywhere you go online.

Let me assure you that for every situation, there is a solution. And I know that you are looking for that solution. When talking about privacy and user experience, one of the first steps is reading this AdGuard review – read it, enjoy it, install it, and block the ads. Probably you are asking yourself – is AdGuard any good? Let me begin by telling you that you are putting the right question, and I hope that an AdGuard review will give you an answer and help you find one of the most efficient solutions for your devices.

Benefits of AdGuard ad blocker

Besides being your solution for all these ads, pop-ups, or banners, AdGuard ad blocker is a software built to block them. So, AdGuard is not only a useful (ad)guardian angel but also a great shield between your device and unwanted threats. The software also blocks the URLs by detecting malware, hiding CCS and HTML code, and offering protection against phishing.

As a result, you will not be a target, but only if you want. So, yeah, AdGuard is an excellent software on your device or browser and trustworthy. Maybe it sounds too technical for you but let me put this AdGuard review in a more friendly and easy context for you to understand.

How is working AdGuard adblocker?

Three friends are part of your device – Browser, App, and System. All of them have a connection with the Internet, the one and the only link that matters to you nowadays. But are you always sure about this connection? Are you still feel sure to connect with the Internet? Probably not. So here’s why you need AdGuard.

AdGuard intercepts the internet connections; some are blocked on the network driver level; some tell the truth and pass to the next module. The following module is an HTTPS filtering that takes care of encrypted connections and ensures they stay safe and secure.

Last but not least, one of the core parts of AdGuard is its filtering engine. This last part from the connection offers great control over the apps and browsers and your Internet load. So, It’s a long battle for developers like you to be safe and secure while browsing the Internet, but that’s why you need a fast, secure and trustworthy ad guardian to fight alongside you.

If you made it to this very word, you probably asked how much Adguard costs. Off-topic, for this kind of software that will help you not so see any ad or pop-up or banner while doing your things online, you should say, “Shut up and take my money.”

There is a free trial version and an AdGuard premium one. You have an Adguard pro version and Android for Windows and Mac, iOS and Safari; AdGuard Browser extension, AdGuard Content Blocker, AdGuard DNS, and AdGuard Home.

Say no to:

  • Tracking Personal Data
  • Building Personality Profile
  • Selling And Sharing Data
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Privacy Violation
  • Surveillance

Who is behind AdGuard Software?

In 2009, in Moscow, AdGuard was coming to life. The creators of AdGuard describe themself as “Jedi of the light side of the Internet.”

Their sole mission is to make the users’ web navigation comfortable & safe. They do so by providing more than an ad blocker. While using the software created by AdGuard Software Ltd, you will be protected from online threats, prevent tracking, and filter obscene materials.

The company behind AdGuard is AdGuard Software Ltd. It all started in 2009, in Moscow, when the future founders of AdGuard were busy learning about the potential of user data.

AdGuard DNS

What is a DNS, and how safe is it? DNS comes from the Domain Name System and is one of the Internet’s cornerstones. DNS is used to look up the server’s IP address whenever servers are accessed. But how is it working, and how safe is AdGuard DNS? AdGuard DNS is open-source and free for personal use; there is no equipment limitation, and it can work on every device. If using AdGuard DNS, every time a browser or an app sends an ad request, the AdGuard servers respond with an empty response. The software has its base of domain names that serve ads, trackers, and fraud regularly updated.


AdGuard is more than a safe and trustworthy adblocker; this software provides more than a solution to your needs. AdGuard adblocker is the central shield between you and all this invasive advertising nowadays. AdGuard can hide and block online advertising from ads, banners, or pop-up windows. Moreover, AdGuard features offer protection from malware or dangerous websites meant to steal your data information and invade your privacy.

The software gives you free solutions for browsers, extensions, and mobile apps and a premium version with great features – ad blocking, loading speed, resource consumption, stability, and privacy while surfing online.

Besides these, the software has a nice and friendly interface making the user experience smoother, easy to install and use, and understandable for everyone. Furthermore, AdGuard adblocker uses minimum resources, has multi-platform support, and affordable pricing. Though he is detecting malware or threats is not working as antivirus software, its principal goal is to block all the intrusive ads and offer you more specific content while browsing on the Internet.

To sum up this AdGuard Review, it’s time to start enjoying the World Wide Web securely and use Network Security tools!