Introverts Enjoying Self-Isolation Are Roasting Extroverts Struggling Through #Quarantinelife

Although most of enjoy our occasional breaks from our daily routine but being under self-isolation for such a long period of time is not easy. The much-needed home-isolation has caused people to come up with innovative ideas to keep themselves occupied.

And, while many people are not prepared for this indoor situation, it seems like introverts are living their best lives. Out of everyone on this planet, introverts are supposedly the most prepared for self-quarantine. After all, they love being in their own company and totally enjoy socially-distancing themselves.

As this is the time for introverts to shine, they have taken to social media to sarcastically welcome extroverts to the other side:

Meanwhile, extroverts who love going out and being in other people’s company, are struggling to stay home:

On the other hand, introverts are thriving as they no longer have to find excuses to cancel a plan:

To sum it up, here are some hilarious comparisons of what it is to be an extrovert vs an introvert during self-isolation:

While the quarantine phase is a difficult time for all of us, we hope these memes put a smile on your face. So, are you an extrovert or an introvert? Let us know in the comments below.