Jaipur Civic Body Feeds Stray Animals Daily; Arranges 15000 Chapatis For Dogs Amid Lockdown

When India went under a 21-day lockdown, the first thing people did was stock up on food. But what about the stray animals who are mostly dependent on humans for their meals? If you’re an animal lover who is concerned about the hungry strays, worry not because some states are issuing passes for people to go out and feed them.

Apart from this wonderful move, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation has also come out in support of stray animals. They have pitched in to help NGOs who are providing around 15,000 chapatis daily for the strays and birds during the lockdown, reports News18.

Have a look at the Rajasthan Police’s tweet:

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation is taking care of all the stray animals so that they don’t starve to death.

“It’s sad to see animals and birds going hungry… so, we have initiated a few steps,” JMC Commissioner Vijay Pal Singh was quoted saying by Times of India. He said the deadly coronavirus has created a huge problem of arranging food for not just animals but also humans.

The corporation placed 8,500 chapatis in various areas of the city to feed stray dogs. Similarly, they also arranged fodder for cows. And, they fed bananas to monkeys and ‘dana’ to birds as well. Water arrangements were also made outside corporation parks for the thirsty animals.

Henceforth around 10,000-15,000 chapatis will be distributed with the help of NGOs. A  huge stock for bird feed, around 10 quintals of ‘dana’ has also been collected from donors. The corporation has requested people to keep food for birds on their roofs. Apart from this, the corporation will also distribute leftover fruits and vegetables among stray animals. What a wonderful initiative. We hope other cities follow them soon.