Kerala Supplies Surplus Milk To Anganwadi Kids & Migrant Workers To Help Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers in Kerala are currently going through an extremely rough time. As the lockdown has caused restaurants and shops to shut down, and people are unable to hit the road and deliver milk to houses, thousands of litres of milk are going to waste. Recently, a few dairy farmers poured 80,000 litres of milk on the ground as an act of protest because Milma, a milk marketing cooperative of Kerala, didn’t procure milk from them.

To resolve the crisis of the dairy farmers in Kerala, the state government has announced that the surplus amount of milk will be given to the children of anganwadis and daily-wage migrant labourers, reports The New Indian Express.

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There is a surplus of 1.8 lakh litres of milk every day, out of which 50,000 litres will be accepted by the Tamil Nadu government to be converted into milk powder. The remaining litres of milk will be distributed to the anganwadi children and migrant workers by the Kerala government, reports Indian Express Malayalam.

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The Chief Minister of Kerala also urged people to buy more milk in order to help the dairy farmers make a living.

People like farmers, construction workers, vegetable and fruit vendors have been the worst affected by the 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus. Kudos to the Kerala government for showing compassion to such people and finding a way to resolve their crisis!