Kids Donate Their Piggy Bank Savings For COVID-19 Relief, Urge People To Stay Indoors

Recently, Emilia Clarke announced that she will be going on “virtual dates” with people donating to her charity helping coronavirus patients. Many other celebrities have also donated and urged others to do the same. These donations will be used to create better facilities, testing kits, and equipment to deal with the increasing coronavirus cases.

Joining the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, little kids as young as 6 to 7-year-olds are donating their piggy bank savings to COVID-19 relief funds, reports India Today.

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For example, 7-year-old Rommel Lalmuansanga from Mizoram donated a total of Rs. 333 to the task forces of his village who are dealing with the coronavirus.

Similarly, another 6-year-old donated whatever he had in his piggy bank for the people affected by the lockdown and the video of the incident has been going viral on the internet.

According to a report by The New Indian Express, 7-year-old Syed Anis from Tamil Nadu donated Rs. 845 and wrote a letter to the Chief Minister saying, “I have saved Rs 845. I want to donate to you, uncle, for fighting Corona disease in our Tamil Nadu.”

He also revealed how he is urging his friends to do the same.

“I am also talking to my friends about the donation. Two of my classmates said they are interested too,” he said.

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Times Now reported how the daughter of a policeman in Arunachal Pradesh is requesting people to remain indoors.

A picture of her holding a signboard has gone viral. The signboard reads:

“My dad is a policeman. He stays away from me to help you. Can you please stay at home to help him?”

This goes on to prove how one is never too young or old to help people in need. Kudos to all the kids for stepping up in our fight against the novel coronavirus!