Lost Your Phone In Your House? Here’s How You Can Find It Easily… Even If It’s On Silent!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve misplaced my phone in my house, and I’m just talking about today. Admit it, you’ve misplaced your phone countless times too, and consequently, you’ve wasted a lot of time searching for that all-important device. One of the easiest ways to locate your phone in these situations is to have someone try to call it but what if you don’t have another phone handy? Or what if your phone is on silent? Well, fortunately, your phone already has some features that will help sort you out in these situations. I’ve actually used this method a few times, and it most definitely works!


  1. Visit iCloud.com and login with your Apple ID. if you’re using an Android phone, go to Google Device Manager.
  2. Choose “Find my iPhone” and the service will locate your device.
  3. Select your phone on the map, and click the (i) button.
  4. Choose the “Play Sound” option. This will force your phone to keep making a noise (even if it’s on silent) until you unlock it.
  5. Now that it’s making sounds, go find your phone!

Please note that the sound the phone makes can be quite a bit louder than you expect. So be mindful of sleeping babies and pets!