Man With Messy Room Uses Photo Of A Fancy Apartment While Video Calling Co-workers

Due to strict quarantine measures across the world, professionals who have the luxury of taking their jobs online, are working from home. Meetings are now emails or video conferences, fitness instructors, artists, photographers, etc are taking sessions on Instagram live and DJs are playing virtual concerts.

According to Mail Online, 36-year-old Andrew Eckel who is a software engineer in cancer research based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, decided to have some fun during a 90-minute long work meeting.

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He revealed, “This is how I fooled my co-workers on video chat into thinking I live in a luxury apartment. The backdrop is a photo I found in a Flickr search for “apartment interior”, printed onto six pages and taped together with masking tape in the back.”

He further added, “After I zoomed out and showed my co-workers the paper backdrop, they said they’d been quietly wondering how I could afford such a stylish place. Or just why I had two office chairs.”

Most of us trick coworkers by wearing a formal shirt with PJs but he took it to the next level. His prank also meant that his colleagues couldn’t see how messy his room actually was #WinWin.

Here is what people on social media thought of the idea.

This is also cool because we can experiment with different backdrops and use a new one every week! Would you give it a try?