Medics Tweet To Appeal For Better Protective Equipment As 415 Test Covid-19+ In India

While most of us have stocked up on face masks and hand sanitizers, it’s the healthcare industry that really needs safety gear during these troubled times. According to NDTV, a doctor who treated a Coronovirus-infected man tested positive for the virus recently. Amid this pandemic, medical professionals are most vulnerable to the contagious infection. And, with over 400 positive cases recorded in India, the absence of protective equipment for doctors can be very dangerous.

According to the Times of India, health care personnel in India are in a dire need of quality personal protective equipment (PPE). The shortage of supply has been caused as manufacturers haven’t received any guidelines from the health ministry with regards to the production of protective gear.

Doctors, who are risking their lives for others, have urged PM Modi for better safety equipment:

Medical staff members have also taken to twitter to give a detailed account of their current situation:

As per a meeting conducted by the textile ministry, India requires almost 7.25 lakh body overalls, 60 lakh N-95 masks and 1 crore 3-ply masks. However, an increase in demand for these items has led to a shortage in the market.

Health workers from across the country explained the need and importance of essential protective gear and medical equipment:

Many citizens also requested PM Modi to arrange for adequate safety equipments for medical professionals:

According to the New York Times, doctors in the US are also concerned about the shortage of masks, as they are risking their lives to save people. We can only pray and hope medical workers stay healthy and they get appropriate safety gear soon.