Meet 18-Year-Old Raman, the World’s Youngest Chartered Accountant


Introducing, Ramakumar Raman, an 18-year-old Indian boy from Dubai who completed the CA course in just three years and is the youngest affiliate with the ACCA accounting body in the Gulf.


Chartered Accountancy course is a hard nut to crack, people who complete this course are usually in the north of their twenties, but the story of Ramkumar Raman is entirely different. This 18-year-old Indian from The Indian High School Dubai is the youngest CA in the world.

He has been recognized by the Association of Chartered  Certified Accountants (ACCA) which the global professional accounting body in the Gulf, as the youngest affiliate to have been registered among the others, reports the Khaleejtimes.

Another commendable achievement by Raman is that he cleared all the 14 papers in the very first attempt, which is a rarity in this field.

Raman who hails from a family of chartered accountants in Chennai,  started his coaching for examinations in September 2012 and wrote the final paper in June 2015. He initially wanted to study for the ACCA to gain more knowledge in accounting and finance, but didn’t for a second think that he would clear all the papers at a lightening speed.



His regular study pattern during off days included waking up at 6 am with occasional breaks till midnight. This is certainly an inspiration for most students who struggle to follow a routine during holidays.

“I would have lunch and sleep till 4pm and get up again and start studying again from 4:30pm till 8:15 again with breaks after which I’d have dinner and study again from 9pm till 12pm. Then I’d go to sleep,”  Raman told in a interview to the Khaleejtimes .

Raman also had his own share of superstitions that he followed before every examinations (haven’t we all done it in some way or the other? 😀 . He wore the same pair of pants, shirt, vests, socks and shoes and also ate the same type of curries and rice before every ACCA paper from December 2012 to June 2015!

His further plans are to pursue an MBA degree from the best college in US and enter the field of investment banking.