Neighbors Cheer & Applaud Health Worker As She Heads To Work, Watch Video

Just a week back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people of our country to spare five minutes of their time for the health workers. He asked them to come out in their balconies and clap for health workers who are risking their lives to help us fight the coronavirus pandemic as a token of appreciation.

And the overwhelming response of the public made history. A few days after this, UK residents too paid their tribute to medics in the same manner by applauding their efforts.

Another such video has been doing rounds on social media which shows people coming out of their house to clap for Tayla Porter, a 22-year-old emergency care assistant. Porter’s neighbors decided to cheer her up and appreciate her for her contribution towards helping the people fight the novel coronavirus. Her neighbors’ effort left Porter emotional bringing tears to her eyes, reports Metro.

Her neighbors also gifted her the Heroes chocolates and homemade cake which was kept on her car as a surprise reports The Independent.

Have a look at the video:

Talking about the incident, Porter’s mother Ali told Metro, “It was overwhelming for all of us. Tayla just couldn’t believe it.”

“She couldn’t believe that people would even notice what she’s doing. She just loves her job. I had no idea the whole street would come out. I just thought it might be our next-door neighbors and the house opposite. What I didn’t realize was that every single house had at least one person come out to clap her. It carried on all the way up to our street and you could hear them clapping all the way up the next street too,” she added.

“It must have been people texting people or word of mouth, because not everyone is on there. It was so emotional, I could barely speak. It was just overwhelming pride. We barely know anyone on our street. You see each other daily, but you don’t know each other’s names,” her mother said.

Talking about Porter’s schedule and how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting her daughter, she said, “There have been some nights where Tayla’s come back and we’ve had to sit down and she’s had a bit of a cry from being exhausted. She’s seeing things that are quite scary. But she goes out there and puts a brave face on. We don’t know enough about coronavirus and that’s not the only thing they’re facing out there.”

Not just Porter but every health worker selflessly helping others deserves such appreciation and honor. Don’t let their selfless contribution go unnoticed.