Noida Cops Distribute 50 Kg Rice & 25 Kg Dal Among 82 Villagers During Lockdown

It is day 2 of India’s 21-day lockdown to break the coronavirus chain and reports have surfaced of people rushing to shops to purchase supplies. However, PM Narendra Modi has said that panic buying is completely unnecessary and assured everyone that “Essential commodities, medicines, etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this,” reports The Economic Times.

To this end, Punjab Police bought the entire stock of vegetables from an elderly vendor and distributed it among those in need. Yesterday, Noida cops came to the rescue of several daily-wage earners living in Tilpata village, Greater Noida.

Deccan Herald quoted a police officer saying,

“As many as 82 people inhabit those shanties and they had run out of rations. One of the residents, Sanju, made a call on the 112 number and narrated their ordeal after which a Police Response Vehicle (PRV) reached there. The inspector of the PRV took 50 kg of rice and 25 kg of dal (lentil) along with his PRV team to the village to help them through the situation.”

Desi Twitter lauded their gesture and expressed gratitude to them for working tirelessly so that the rest of us can be in quarantine.

Let’s avoid stepping out of the house as much as we can because we’re all in this together. If we do, a gap of 3-6 feet is essential!