“Now You’ll Have It Too,” Woman Says & Licks Kolkata Cop As He Stopped Her Car During Lockdown

Cops around the country are taking strict actions against those who are caught breaking the protocol of lockdown to keep a check on the spread of coronavirus. Videos of them making the rule violators do sit-ups on roads or giving them a taste of their lathis have been doing rounds on social media.

In one such incident, a Kolkata woman was recently stopped by the cops for routine inquiry in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area. The cops allegedly pulled the car over and started asking the driver some questions when the woman sitting on the back seat of the car moved out. She allegedly started arguing with the cops, reports TOI.

After the heated argument, the woman licked one of the cops on his hand and also deposited some saliva on his uniform saying, “Now you will have it too,” apparently in an alleged attempt to suggest she gave him coronavirus, reports News 18.

The video of the entire incident is going viral on social media.


The woman also claimed that the cops harassed and pushed her during the argument. She also said that she was on her way to a doctor as she lives alone in the city and has to look after herself.

Netizens definitely did not approve of the way the woman behaved with the cops.

It’s high time people realize that the lockdown is implemented just for the sake of our own safety and so as to flatten the curve of coronavirus spread in the country. The public needs to stop going bonkers and instead cooperate with the cops.