One-Eyed ‘Cyclops’ Baby Born After Suffering Radiation Exposure In Womb


This is the heartbreaking image of a baby in Egypt, tragically born with one eye in the centre of his forehead.

According to reports from the Saudi Arabian news website, the baby has the rare ‘cyclopia’ condition, thought to be caused by exposure to radiation in the womb or due to a combination of different medicines taken during pregnancy.

Doctors say the child, who has numerous other deformities, is unlikely to live for more than a few days.


The single eye and missing nose are due to the the eye sockets not developing properly in the womb, resulting in the appearance of the one-eyed giant creatures of Greek mythology. Many babies with the condition also have heart defects.

The disorder may occur as often as four times in 1,000 births but, in most cases, the pregnancy does not go full term. The condition is more commonly seen in animals.

The photograph of the young boy was released and shared by the family, who are now receiving counselling to deal with the traumatic news.