Patrick Swayze Danced With His Wife 21 Years Ago And Moved MILLIONS To Tears…

If you’re a fan of Patrick Swayze then there’s a good chance you’ve seen Dirty Dancing more times than you’d care to admit. It’s okay, nobody’s blaming you because everyone loves Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze is a true Hollywood legend. But something you may have missed is this powerful dance performance at the 1994 World Music Awards. And what made it so powerful? Patrick Swayze danced with his wife Lisa Nieme to Whitney Houston’s “All The Man That I Need” and the couple’s passion and love for each other could be felt by the crowd. Swayze was only 18 when he met Lisa and they were happily married for 34 years. Truly a remarkable love story and one that is rare in the celebrity world!

Make sure you watch it to the very end and don’t miss Whitney Houston’s reaction to the performance.

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