People Shower Flowers & Offer Money Garlands To Sanitation Workers In Punjab; Watch Video

Healthcare workers are at the frontline in our fight against coronavirus. However, they are not alone in this battle. Cops, people working in grocery stores, pharmacies, bank employees, sanitation workers are also working every day to ensure that we all can stay home safely.

So, it goes without saying that we need to be kind and respectful towards them. Recently,  the residents of Nabha, Punjab, showered flowers on sanitation workers to express their gratitude for their service during the lockdown, reports India Today.

Have a look at the video shared by Punjab CM Amarinder Singh:

People stood on their terraces and showered flowers and applauded as the sanitation workers walked through with their hand-cart. Some residents even offered garlands of currency notes to the workers, reports Business Standard.

While people resonated with the residents’ emotions, they were concerned that they violated the social distancing rules during the act:

Hats off to all the sanitation warriors for their hard work and efforts during these troubled times.