Perfectly Accurate Video Shows ‘Why Moms Get Nothing Done’

If you’re a parent then you know exactly how much a child can eat away at your time.

If you’re not a parent, having them explain it to you really just don’t do it proper justice, because you lose time while you feebly try to get things done. Well, it doesn’t always happen that way, as this video so accurately displays.

Meet Esther Anderson, a blogger and a mother that wanted to show just exactly why it seemed nothing ever got done, despite her best efforts. So she decided to make a video titled ‘Why Moms Get Nothing Done’, and it has since taken off. It accurately portrays the daily life of a mother and her duties, clashing with a child’s whimsical playfulness at every turn.
Within 15 hours the video has gone viral, gaining over 34 million views and still growing! It can only mean that many parents out there understand the struggle, and many mothers have been through the exact same scenarios. One thing’s for sure though, each moment of torture is just another moment where you fall in love with your child even more.