Pictures Of These Abandoned Places From Around The World Will Give You Chills

History is never lost, it is always in some way or another. Sometimes history is written in books and become immortal and other times a part of it is left behind which always remind us of it. When something is left behind, it tends to fade away in the most beautiful and horrific way possible.

These pictures of the abandoned places from all around the world will give you goosebumps and also show what happens when humans forget something and move on. These places are spooky, scary and possibly haunted.


Underwater City in Shicheng situated in China


The Maunsell Sea Forts of England


The Haunting New Bedford Orpheum, U.S.A.


Sunken Yacht in Antarctica


Salto Hotel, Colombia


Pripyat in Ukraine


Nara Dreamland, Japan


Michigan Central Station in Detroit, U.S.A.


I.M. Cooling Tower in Belgium


House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria


Hashima Island, Japan


Not in use anymore Train Station of Abkhazia, Georgia


Abandoned Subway Tunnel in Kiev, Ukraine


Deserted Submarine Base in Balaklava, Ukraine


Abandoned Mill, Italy


Vacated Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany


Abandoned Church in the Snow in Canada


102-Year-Old Floating Forest in Sydney, Australia