Punjab Cop Tells Women To Put Men To Work At Home During Lockdown, Twitter Reacts

My mom’s been complaining a lot ever since PM Modi announced the lockdown. There’s a lot of chores to be done and everyone wants something to eat every alternate hour. She’s like, ‘bas merey kitchen me lockdown nahi hai.’

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On the other hand, men at most houses are complaining of being bored, hence they often hit the streets just to check the ‘maahool’, violating the lockdown protocols. Therefore, to ease the burden of homemakers and to keep the men of the house busy, Punjab police came up with a brilliant idea.

In a video shared online, a Punjab cop is requesting women to put men to work at home during the lockdown.

In the video he says:

“Everyone knows the state of coronavirus disease in India. The PM and CMs of different states have been talking about it.”

“Hence, I would like to request all my sisters that if the men at home are idle, saying that it’s getting difficult for them to stay indoors, put them to work.”

“Tell them to clean your homes and terraces. Ask them to wash utensils and clothes. Ghar di safai hoegi, coronavirus di safai hoegi, naley inna di v safai hoegi.

He further adds, “They’ll also learn to cook in these 21-days so women don’t have to think who’ll cook food for the family in their absence.”

“When they’re at home, you take them to task, if they’ll come out, we’ll take care of them. They are aimlessly roaming around while you work day and night.”

“So if they don’t want to rest at home in the next three weeks, then let them work at home.”

People online loved this idea. Here’s what they said:



At these crucial times, we all need to work together and share the load even if it means sharing the house chores or helping your mom in the kitchen. Let’s appreciate the work women do for us all day and help them in any way possible.