Quarantined Woman Calls All Her Exes To Ask ‘What Went Wrong’ & They Respond

Home quarantine has got people thinking of creative ways to keep themselves amused. Some are practicing their hobbies, some are building new ones, some are turning their dining table into a pool table to ensure they don’t get bored some others are busy doing videos chat with friends and family.

But a 19-year-old university student Rebecca decided to call all her exes and ask them ‘what went wrong’ that caused the break-up.

Well, she did it not for having the one last argument with them all but to analyze her faults and try and improve herself as a person.

“The people who have experienced the worst of me are definitely the most qualified to tell me what went wrong and how to improve. It’s worth a try to see how I can be the best me I can be,” Rebecca told Mirror.

“Plus, I really didn’t have anything better to do – I was just so bored. Waiting for them to reply was terrifying, but actually everyone was really nice – there’s no hard feelings there. It gave me a bit of a reality check – it’s so easy to just block someone out of your life,” she explained.

She first spoke to Jay, who she broke up with last year after dating him for a couple of months. He said everything went well with her in the beginning but he said, “After thinking it through for a while, I guessed you probably thought that yes I’m nice and I look after you, but that you aren’t getting the most out of someone you should be fully committed to.”

“I don’t believe you made any wrong conscious choices, and neither did I,” he added.

She then called Tim, they were friends first and then got into a relationship. Rebecca was apparently desperate about breaking up with Tim. She was confused about her sexuality back then but Tim assured he will make things work out somehow together.

She, however, broke up with him just a day after giving him a few gifts and Tim still believes she did it out of the blue.

“I do wanna say, and I feel this is a good time to say it, that I’m sorry for after it happened and I came to your house, still feel like a dick about it years later,” he said.

“It’s the cutting people off really – like for the longest time I assumed you just got bored of me,” he told Rebecca.

She then called her third ex, Ed who she has had her first kiss with, they now share a cordial bond. Ed was quite frank in telling Rebecca her mistakes and enlisted the following points of improvement for her.

“One, confidence. Two, you could have been a bit more passionate, a bit more affectionate. And three, you just could have shown a lot more enthusiasm for the general experience of it all,” he said.

Rebecca recommends others to pick their phones and call their exes to get some enlightenment. “They’re probably as bored as you, and might want to spend some time giving you feedback for this crucial period of self-learning. And in a seemingly never-ending quarantine, what else do you have to do?” she said.

Would you like to go for it and analyze yourself and your habits that are possibly responsible for your past broken relationships? Tell us!