Rapper Raftaar Writes Heartfelt Note To Thank Sister Treating COVID-19 Patients

The 21-day lockdown has forced all of us to stay indoors and self-quarantine. And, while we might believe it’s a difficult task, think about all the healthcare workers who risk their lives daily for our safety. Not only do they work 24×7 but they also isolate themselves from their families as a precautionary measure.

All this social distancing is definitely hard and emotional for the families of medical professionals. Like recently rapper Raftaar wrote a heartfelt note for his sister who is a nurse, reports Times of India.

Have a look at the post filled with gratitude:


His sister Neethu, who is wearing her scrubs, had a big smile on her face. The proud brother thanked all the doctors and nurses who are at the front line in our fight against the pandemic. Raftaar’s home state of Kerala has been severely affected by COVID-19, reports Hindustan Times. During the lockdown, the rapper has also donated food to those in need.


He has also been feeding stray animals and requesting fans to do the same.


Hats off to this brother-sister duo for diligently helping others during these troubled times.