See How Emergency Call Works Even In No Network Zone

In the middle of the crisis like being out of the network coverage area, we all have turned to the “emergency calls only” option at some point in our life. But have you ever wondered why your phone has emergency call only feature when neither of the SIMs has any network? If your cellphone doesn’t have a network coverage how is it possible to contact anyone, let alone call an emergency?

Some people think that there is some complex machinery in their phone which enables emergency calls when they are out of the coverage area. Well, it is not that simple, but it is not rocket science either.

What actually happens is when your mobile network is not strong enough to make calls it uses the network of some other service provider whose available signal strength is strong enough to make the call. But obviously, it comes with a price and you are only restricted to ’emergency call’ so that you can call for help.

In the absence of your company’s strong connectivity, your phone goes on a ‘Roaming network’, which are those organizations that have ties with your own company.

And if worse comes to worst and your roaming network is also not strong enough, your phone catches any network available to make a call, irrespective of its source company.