She Is The World’s First Model To Have Different Colored Eyes

Models have to be perfect when it comes to looks but looking at Sarah McDaniel, you will find beauty in her imperfections as well. This 20-year-old American model has two distinctive colors of eyes. One is bright blue and the other is yellow-brown. She started off as a young social network star but is soon gaining popularity because photographers love this beauty since they love to bring out her best assets which are her eyes.

She is smart and funny, and definitely makes the internet go wild with her distinctive beauty!

different eyes1

One snapper claimed that she was ‘imperfect’ because of her eyes, but Sarah couldn’t care less.

different eyes2

Well, why would she? Perfection lies in imperfections!

She has also assured critics that her eyes are 100% real and she is comfortable with them.

different eyes3

I mean, if this isn’t beauty then what is?

Photographer Gregorio Campos told Arsenic magazine, “Sarah’s imperfections are something that make her unique and it’s pretty great that she is comfortable in her own skin”

different eyes4

Imperfections look good!

Here are some more pictures of Sarah highlighting her unique look

different eyes5

Isn’t she beautiful?

She’s definitely a charmer!

different eyes6