She Places A Headband On Her Head And Folds Her Hair In. When She Removes It In Morning? Stunning

Women have spent years using hot rollers, regular rollers, curling irons, blow-dry brushes…all in the pursuit of pretty manageable curls. The girl in the following video shows us how to avoid all these heat damaging techniques. She demonstrates a clever way to create lovely curls on her straight hair, but this also works for curly, kinky and frizzy hair. The bonus is that without the horrible damage that heat does to our hair, you can achieve beautiful shiny, bouncy curls, while you are sleeping!

Using a regular stretchy headband, watch this demonstration that gives you perfect romantic-looking, sexy curls. You will see her put it around her head, 60’s hippy style, and dampen it with a little sea spray. She then winds her hair around it section by section. Wait until you see what this straight hair looks like in the morning when she removes the headband.

I, who have naturally curly hair that has a mind of it’s own, and some frizz, tried this technique. I got the same results! When you remove the headband, style it with your fingers, and finish with the cream or hairspray of your choice. The curls hold for a couple of days until your next wash! Sleeping on this is completely comfortable, but if you want a quicker result, you can achieve this look in an hour, if you have curly hair.

I’ve done this a few times and once I’ve started the twisting through the headband I don’t even have to look in the mirror. I just watched some TV and actually found the process relaxing. Let us know if you will try this.

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