Some Indian States To Issue Passes So People Can Feed Stray Animals During Lockdown

Ever since PM Modi declared a nationwide 3-week lockdown, people have been panic-shopping and stocking up on food. But what about the stray animals who are mostly dependent on the feeders for their meals?

Since people are advised to strictly follow the lockdown protocols and not venture out of the houses, it has become difficult for feeders to feed the strays. If you are thinking they might go hungry during this period, then sweat not animal lovers, here’s a piece of good news.

Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi announced that the Delhi government will issue passes to the feeders amid the nationwide lockdown, reported India Today. As of now, 100 passes will be distributed per district.

She took to Twitter and said:

However, even if you aren’t able to venture out to feed the animals, Maneka Gandhi has requested the animal welfare workers to feed them during this period of lockdown.

Apart from Delhi government, the governments of Assam, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan have till now agreed to issue passes to animal feeders, said Gandhi in a tweet.

Moreover, since most pet shops might be locking up their animals and birds inside during this period, they might end up dying due to starvation. Hence, governments are also requested to evacuate stranded animals from pet shops. The Animal Welfare Board of India also released an advisory for the same.

While people are hoarding food, these homeless strays might end up starving if they aren’t fed adequately. Don’t you think all the state governments should follow suit and issue feeder passes to people? Tell us.