Story Of Ex-HAL Employee, An Engineer With 4 Well-Settled Children Will Leave You In Tears

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It is truly said that parents are next to God. They give us birth, brought us up and do everything which is good for us or to fulfill our demands, no matter how difficult things are for them to manage or whatever sacrifices they have to do for seeing a smile on our face…. No one can take their place and regardless of how much we do for them, we can never pay for what they have done and will do for us…. They are simply great and never let us know what all problems or pains they are going through neither make us realize their greatness or difficulties they have suffered for our bright future!!

But let me ask a simple question, seeking an honest reply from all readers; do children also treat parents the same way they have been treating us so far? We have even come across incidents where people leave their parents in their old age, the time when they actually need their kids a lot…. Can you imagine the height and intensity of their pain? Even then, they don’t curse their children and always wish for all good things only for them because they just can’t see their kids being troubled. But one thing is sure; you will get what you want. Everyone grows old one day and you’ll be treated the same way by your children as you do with your parents.

In this article, we present you the story of an ex- HAL employee, an engineer who has four kids, all well-settled but none of them is able to feed or take care of the 80 years old engineer and his 70+ years old wife, as submitted by Santhosh Nair.

“This is the story of an Old man (around 80 years old) who is an ex-HAL employee and also a part time Engineer in Bengaluru. He has 4 children (2 daughters and 2 sons) who are happily settled in Bengaluru. They are working as Inspectors, Engineers and IT professionals. This 80 year old man (Mr.Ramakutty) is in Bengaluru for the last 60 years, can speak and understand English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada.

I met him near Chinmaya Hospital, Indira Nagar. He was trying to stop motorists for a drop to the Old Madras Road. I stopped. He sat on my bike holding my shoulder tight (tighter than my wife holds me when I zoom on my bike) He was heading to his rented home in Lingarajpuram where his 70+ year old wife stays.

She has been bedridden for years. I asked the old man why he was on the roads in this freezing weather. He said for a JOB! I was stunned to hear this from an 80 year old man, I asked, “Why?” He said ‘To feed himself and his wife.”

I immediately stopped my bike and asked if he had his lunch. He said NO. I took him to the nearest tea shop, bought him a cup of tea and snacks. I could see some energy building in the old man’s body after having the food and later he quietly said that he eats only once a day to save money. I asked him for his sons/daughters’ phone numbers which he hesitated to give. After 20 minutes I asked him once again before dropping him to ring road, he said “they will scold me”.

When I asked why they would scold him, he said that his children were “annoyed with me and my wife because I have not build them houses/bought anything till now”.

I was fortunate to meet him I feel. I gave my phone number to him and told him to call me if he needs anything. I’m posting for those great children who think that a house, cars or money is greater than parents!

MY HUMBLE REQUEST to all…Please take care of your parents, one day you will be parents too.”