This Biker Spotted An Old Crate On The Side Of The Road… What He Found Inside Brought Me To Tears!

As a dog lover, there are few things that grind my gears worse than stories of animal abuse and abandonment. So it should come as no surprise that I absolutely love animal rescue stories with happy endings. And such is the case with this story… Bret Winingar and his son Zach were out riding their motorcycle in Little Rock, Arkansas, when they spotted something very peculiar: an old pet carrier abandoned in the middle of a field. And thankfully, they decided to stop and check it out…

They spotted this old pet carrier abandoned in a field.

rescue dog1

To their shock and horror, they realized that there was a scared dog inside. The dog was emaciated and a hole in the crate suggests that the poor dog tried to chew her way out.

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They immediately drove off to get dog food. Upon their return, they used the food to coax the dog into following them.

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They then got a truck to transport her to their home. They named her Charlie Bravo, and she was quick to show her gratitude during the car ride.

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When they arrived at home, they cleaned up Charlie Bravo, cut her ingrown nails and arranged for an appointment with the local vet.

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The vet believed that Charlie Bravo was about 8 months old but it was unclear long she was confined inside the crate. Bret guesses that she was trapped for over a month based on the sores and the stains that covered Charlie Bravo’s body.

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Charlie Bravo’s story spread through social media and it wasn’t long before donations were coming in to cover her medical costs. The Winingars plan to donate any extra money to a local animal shelter and they are considering setting up a foundation for rescue animals. The foundation would be named Charlie’s Angels.

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Bret is actually the father of four rescues. And while he wasn’t planning on keeping Charlie Bravo, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her after nursing her back to health. She’s a keeper!

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Since her rescue, Charlie Bravo’s is getting to a healthy weight and her sores are healing. Perhaps more importantly, the love she is receiving from the Winingar family has given her back the confidence and happiness that she deserves. Please share this heartwarming rescue story with your family and friends!

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