Twitter Discusses The Positive & Negative Sides Of Queen Kaikeyi In ‘Ramayan’

We’re on day 8 of the 21-day lockdown and ‘Ramayan’ fever has gripped the whole nation. Ramanand Sagar’s mythological series is being re-telecast on Doordarshan National during this period of coronavirus quarantine along with other iconic shows like BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi, Shaktimaan and Circus for some much-needed distraction.

Yesterday’s episode had Queen Kaikeyi demanding 2 boons from King Dashrath after a chat with her maid Manthara and the outcome was 14 years of exile for Prince Ram.

We already knew it was coming but this happened.

After watching things take a drastic turn, Twitter was filled with memes on how evil Manthara turned out to be and how she manipulated Kaikeyi.

It also sparked a serious discussion on the positive and negative personality traits of Kaikeyi with some people recalling her bravery during war and others pointing out her emotional vulnerability, reports Business Insider.

Isn’t it amazing that after watching ‘Ramayan’ so many times, we’re still able to find lessons from the plot and draw parallels with current times?